Christmas Tree Fire Safety 

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Christmas is right around the corner. As most of you know, Nashville is a beautiful place during the holidays. The Opryland Hotel is a popular destination to take in all the gorgeous holiday lights and Christmas decor. Who does not love the beautiful lights and smell of Christmas cookies baking in the oven? Unfortunately, holiday decorating at home can result in tragedy. Christmas trees are very combustible and can catch fire, ripping through a home. Fresh cut trees dry out quickly once they are brought indoors. Any spark caused by a loose wire from lights on a tree or a tree that is placed near an open flame, can cause an intense blaze, engulfing the home quickly. These tragic Christmas tree related fires are rare, but the National Fire Protection Association warns they are likely to be more deadly than others.  


Doug Hundley, a spokesperson for the National Christmas Tree Association, says that trees only catch fire when they are set aflame by a blaze that already exists in the home. However, 0.12 percent of fires involve an artificial or natural tree. Here are a few Christmas tree fire safety tips.  


How to Prevent Holiday Fires  


Keep your tree watered. According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), a dried-out tree can burn faster than a newspaper. When you put your tree in the stand, make sure it has plenty of space for water. The Christmas tree can drink a gallon of water daily. Do your best to make sure the stump never goes dry.  


Keep the tree away from heat. Your Christmas tree should be positioned at least 3 feet away from a fireplace, heaters, heating vents, or radiators. Never set a lit candle near a tree.  


Keep an eye on the Christmas lights. Make sure you do not have any broken bulbs or frayed wires. Invest in high-quality lights and note if they are for indoor or outdoor use. Give the lights a break at times as well. They do not need to stay lit all day, every day. Always unplug your tree lights when you leave your home.  


Pick a Christmas Tree that looks fresh. Make sure the needles are not brown at the tips. Check the needles, a fresh tree will snap if you fold them. Fresh pine needles will bend but not break when folded in half. If you notice brownish needles, your tree is dry, causing it to be more flammable.  


At ServiceMaster Restoration by David, we are considered the best in the business when it comes to cleaning and restoring items after a fire or other related disasters. However, we would like to help you avoid them if possible. We wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas from all of us at ServiceMaster Restoration by David.  




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