Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

There is nothing more important than the quality of air you and your employees breathe. When air quality is poor, it can lead to a multitude of health issues which impede daily life.  Air vents serve airflow that comes from your heating and air conditioning units and regardless of the season, the heating and cooling system moves air within your business all year long. This includes the year’s rainy season, the cold and damp season, dry and dusty times of the year, and of course cold, flu, and allergy seasons.  

Since your business’s heating and cooling units are attached to your ducts, air is being pushed through these ducts throughout the building. Many businesses have dirtier, more polluted air inside than the outdoors given not only the above- mentioned allergens, but also the fact that there are many employees who occupy the premises every day who bring any germs they may be carrying in for everyone to consume.    Every time your business’s HVAC system is activated, germs, particles, and dirt which resides in the ductwork, circulates throughout the building, leaving you and your employees at risk of illnesses and allergy. ServiceMaster Restoration by David specializes in air duct cleaning in your business to keep you and your employees healthy and the air quality inside clean. Our technicians have years of experience in cleaning air duct systems, and you can trust us to clean your system professionally, quickly, and efficiently. 

ServiceMaster Restoration by David has the expertise and the tools to get your duct work clean and remove any harmful contaminants and allergens from your air ducts.  

How We Clean Your Air Ducts 

  • A High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum system is placed near your HVAC system’s furnace to suck out all the residual particles that live in the system. 
  • We use professional-grade equipment and cleaning products to remove any contaminating elements. 
  • A filtration system then removes all the offending contaminants from the duct system and allows for fresh and clean air to return to again. 
  • After the cleaning and disinfecting process, any openings in the ducts are sealed and the system is restored to a clean and healthy condition. 

 We understand the air in your business must be clear of pollutants, allergens, and debris. This is why ServiceMaster Restoration by David is your best choice to clean your HVAC air duct system and remove harmful particles so you can have peace of mind with the air quality inside of your business and maintain a healthy atmosphere for you and your employees. 

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