Crawl Space Encapsulation  

Crawl Space Encapsulation  

ServiceMaster Restoration by David 


Crawlspaces…YUK!  The dampness, the darkness, the dirt!  Crawlspaces are a recipe for mold and pests.  Up to 50% of the air that you breath in your home comes from your crawlspace.  This can be hazardous to you and your family. The solution to this problem is Crawlspace Encapsulation from ServiceMaster Restoration by David.  


Many homeowners with crawlspaces don’t realize how important it is to maintain this space. In the South, the weather is humid and hot for most of the year. Vented crawlspaces under a home are full of stagnant, humid air and low light which makes this area hit the trifecta for mold growth and unwanted pests. Your foundation can also become damaged with these conditions and you could even experience groundwater seeping into cracks or crevices and end up in the walls. The bad news is that the environment under the floors where you and your family sleep and live your lives cannot be controlled but the good news is you can have this space encapsulated, essentially sealed off to control the moisture and to prevent mold and pests from infesting your home and contaminating the air that you breath.  

Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation by ServiceMaster Restoration by David 

  • Controls mold, mildew and pests under your home 
  • Reduces risk such as breathing issues for you and your family 
  • Protects your home from flooding in severe weather 
  • Diminishes the risk of damage to wood in the home structure 
  • Provides for fresher and healthier air circulated throughout your home 
  • Allows for your crawlspace to be used for storage 
  • May increase your home’s value due to less damage and issues due to mold 
  • Reduces utility costs 

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      If you have a crawlspace, crawlspace encapsulation from ServiceMaster Restoration by David is the perfect way to rectify mold issues and prevent subsequent health issues for you and your family as well as keep your home in top condition. Call (615) 754-8536 for an appointment today.  

      ServiceMaster Restoration by David’s certified technicians can eliminate mold and other biological contaminants inside your home or business. Call today for your complete mold remediation, removal and inspection solutions.

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