Mold Remediation

Mold Detection, Containment, & Removal

Mold colonies can cause a variety of indoor air quality and health issues. Airborne spores are rapidly distributed throughout a property by means of a HVAC system. Mold plays an important role in nature where it serves to break down organic matter. However, mold must always be eradicated anytime it is found inside an occupied home or office. There is no one good answer of where mold comes from. It creeps up from a variety of sources, and it is virtually impossible to eliminate the possibility of mold. However, with proper mold remediation and removal, you can help ensure that mold never gets to a point of affecting your family or employee’s health.

Often mold is a result of a water damage. However, you do not always have to have water damage to be concerned for mold. For example, simple things like pipe condensation can cause mold or other things like an unknown roof leak, trapped moisture, damp basement or other factors. Mold is a living thing that spreads rapidly and survives in the grimmest environments. Once colonies are established, they begin to release spores and volatile organic compounds.

The Mold Removal Process

Mold begins to grow within 48 hours of exposure to moisture. Professional mold removal companies employ specific protocols designed to remove existing colonies and eliminate the chance of new growth.

Mold Inspection Phase:

Our expert technicians will inspect your home or business for visible signs of activity. If mold is found, we will prepare reports for your insurance company. As long as, the mold contamination area is limited to 10 square feet we will proceed with a complete mold remediation effort. If we encounter an affected area of more than 10 square feet, we will contain the area, stop the normal mitigation process and immediately notify your insurance company.

Mold Containment:

We use a variety of containment strategies to stop the spread of mold. This includes infrared detection technology and environmentally friendly chemicals to remediate the infestation. A special anti-microbial agent is used to protect your home from future growth.

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We handle all phases of mold detection and removal, so you can be assured that your family or employees health and well being is our top concern. 

ServiceMaster Restoration by David’s certified technicians can eliminate mold and other biological contaminants inside your home or business. Call today for your complete mold remediation, removal and inspection solutions.

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