Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair Services

When your  home or business suffers water damage immediate action is critical. The professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration by David are trained to restore your home or office as quickly as possible. Water damage can be hazardous to your health, therefore immediate action is key in a water damage situation. Your home or business and its contents are less likely to grow mold if water is extracted and dried within 48-72 hours. Therefore, time is of the essence.

Our certified technicians handle everything involved in the process. Our experts are available 24/7 and your call will always be answered by a live representative. Our team will assess the extent of your damages and strategize to minimize cost without sacrificing quality. We will also work alongside your insurance company to file the required estimates, claims and required paperwork needed.

Insurance Claims

ServiceMaster Restoration by David is a preferred insurance company provider; therefore, it is likely we have worked with your carrier and adjuster prior. We work with your insurance company and adjuster to ensure your claim process is handled quickly and smoothly for you. We know this industry inside and out, we will guide you through the entire process to help alleviate your stress.

We know this industry inside and out, we will guide you through the entire process to help alleviate your stress.

What You Should Do When You Have Water Damage

  • Stop the water by turning off the main water supply if necessary
  • Turn off the power to the impacted areas at the electrical panel
  • Remove electronics or other valuables within the impacted area
  • Contact ServiceMaster by David to have our expert team come out to begin the drying and mitigation process.
  • In the case of an insurance claim is needed, take a written inventory of your damaged items.
  • Do not remove any materials until an expert looks at the situation as removing and disposing of excess materials can lead to unnecessarily increased restoration costs.

What We Will Do When You Have Water Damage

As soon as you make the call to our team, we dispatch one of our expert teams to your home or office. Upon arrival they will conduct a thorough analysis of the problem and devise an extraction strategy. After the inspection, with your permission we will quickly get to work by:
  • Water Extraction: Our team will remove all excess water and moisture and sanitize and deodorize your home or office.
  • Drying: Our expert team will thoroughly dry your carpets, walls, floors, ceilings and contents. We will also remove any active mold colonies by applying an anti-microbial solution to prevent future mold growth.

Common Sources of Water Damage

Did you know that water is corrosive, relentless seeking out breaches and gaps in hoses and pipes. Here are some of the most common sources of water damages:
  • Washing Machine or Dishwasher Hose Breaks
  • Toilet Bowls or Sink Cracks
  • Frozen or Broken Pipes
  • HVAC Condensation Leaks
  • Water Heater Malfunctions
  • Refrigerator Water Line Breaks
  • Water Main Breaks
  • Severe Rain
  • Roof Leaks

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Remember that time is of the essence, within minutes of being exposed to water, metal objects begin to rust, within hours plywood delaminates, furniture cracks and in a few days mildew and mold begin to form.

You do not need to call multiple contractors, one call to ServiceMaster Restoration by David is all you need to complete your water damage and restoration services. One of our representatives can answer all of your questions and arrange an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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