Housefires and Understanding Fire Restoration Nashville, Tn

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Does the thought of your home catching on fire keep you up at night? If so, you are not alone.  This life changing event can change your normal daily life into a chaos.  If you experience a house fire rest assured, ServiceMaster Restoration by David specializes in fire damage restoration.  They are ready and well equipped, to get you through your ordeal. 

First, ensure you have smoke alarms in accordance with local building codes and check to see that they work!  Second, take a moment as soon as possible to review fire safety procedures with your family and consider practicing a fire drill, especially if you have children.  For some guidance on teaching fire safety to your family, check out this link: US. Fire Administration.

  • Make sure anyone at home during the fire is unharmed.  
  • Contact ServiceMaster Restoration by David. 
  • Find a safe place for yourself, your family, and your pets to stay temporarily. 
  • Call your insurance agency. 
  • Get a copy of the fire report for insurance purposes. 

It is crucial to contact ServiceMaster Restoration by David, a licensed and professional restoration company, as soon as possible after the fire to restore and mitigate the damage to your home. The quicker they can start the restoration and restore process, the easier it will be to gauge, evaluate, and act on the damage.  Your home may suffer additional damage as time passes by, in particular: 

  • Grout stains, metal tarnishing, permanent stains on marble, and furniture becoming yellow, will happen within hours.  
  • Smoke damage in your home will begin to take affect quickly.  Burned plastics, foams and fabrics will emit toxic chemicals that are unsafe to inhale.  In the case of wildfires or fires from a neighboring building, homes and buildings have been completely ruined just from smoke damage. 
  • While putting out the fire, an enormous blast of water pressure is used.  You’ll likely have an extensive amount of water damage from your house fire.  Expect to see water damage on wood, ceilings, dry wall, caulk and sealing, in your electrical wiring and on carpets etc.  Also mold growth will flourish from the water damage.  Mold spores will begin to grow in about 48 hours, so proper drying is an integral part of restoring your home.  

ServiceMaster Restoration by David recognizes the importance of compassion and understanding as you cope with your loss.  They understand that a house isn’t just a structure, it is a home… your home.  ServiceMaster Restoration by David will help you alleviate your fears and concerns that you likely have. They will communicate with you about the process that will take place to restore and protect your home.  They will scope the damage and provide a written and detailed estimate, control and contain the home to prevent further damage, dispose of waste, and work with your insurance provider.  When they discuss your case with the insurance provider, you can trust that they will handle your claim and manage costs efficiently.  ServiceMaster Restoration by David will also clean up soot and remove odor from the home as well as helping to preserve belongings. They also have the proper commercial grade equipment needed to restore your home from water damage. Let ServiceMaster Restoration by David get your life and home back on track after a fire emergency by calling (615) 754-8536. You can call them for your emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365-days-a-year. 

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