Need Odor Removal? We Can Help.

At ServiceMaster Restoration by David, we understand the importance of removing odors

Your sense of smell is one of the most important senses you possess.  Without overt awareness, your sense of smell is a huge part of your decision-making process.  We are attracted, disgusted, or ambivalent to many things based purely on smells.  

While other senses play a part, smell has an enormous impact on everything.  Smells are connected to emotions and memories.  An average human can distinguish about 10,000 odors. So now that you know the importance of your sense of smell, imagine trying to live with a foul odor. Even if it is faint, it will affect you negatively in several ways. Most notably an unpleasant odor can be a warning that the air you are breathing could be harmful to your health. 

 Unfortunately, odors are normal in homes and buildings, as the number of potential odor sources makes them inevitable. Foul odors should cause concern though, especially when they linger. They are tough to eliminate and usually are indicative of considerable damage to your property. Airing out the property and using air fresheners are not always enough to manage the odor. The smells could come from water damage, mold growth, smoke damage or even backed up sewage or biohazard waste (which is especially dangerous to breathe into your lungs.)  In these cases, it is time to contact a professional odor removal service.  

At ServiceMaster Restoration by David, we will get your property back to normal in no time. Basic cleaning services are not going to be sufficient. We will get to the source of the odor and properly eliminate it using our knowledge, experience, and professional grade equipment. Here are a few examples of the ways we can completely rid your property of unpleasant odors. 

Air Scrubbers 

We use high-efficiency particulate air filters or HEPA. HEPA filtration works to remove odorous particles from the air. This ensures that the air is efficiently cleaned, and safe for breathing. 


Ozone cleans the air by destroying the bacteria, molecules, and other particles that produce the odors. Ozone is made up of three oxygen atoms and quickly reacts with whatever it touches. The way ozone odor removal works is that ozone’s third oxygen atom allows itself to become attached to other molecules and change the structure of the molecules, ensuring foul smells are eliminated.  

Hydroxyl Generators 

Hydroxyl molecules are made up of a hydrogen and oxygen atoms that have chemically bonded. Hydroxyl generator technology produces hydroxyl radicals that eliminate odor contaminants from the air. 

Thermal Fog 

Thermal fogging neutralizes odor particles. The “fog” has fine particles that kill the odor’s particles. This technique is particularly effective for eliminating smoke odors. 

Source Removal and Containment 

Illuminating an odor begins with discovering the cause, whether that cause be moisture problems that has led to mold contamination, sewer gases from septic backup, or other indoor air pollutants. Then our technicians contain the area and remove or mitigate the source.  

At ServiceMaster Restoration by David, we understand the importance of removing odors. Not only are foul odors repugnant, but they are also bad for your health. It is essential that you contact us as soon as you notice an unpleasant odor. We have over 60 years of experience in restoration services and our team stays up to date on all new equipment available to restore your property. Our team also goes through comprehensive training, and they are certified and knowledgeable concerning all aspects of restoration. We can help you navigate the insurance process, and we are here whenever you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days (about 12 months) a year. Contact us at ServiceMaster Restoration by David the moment you need us at (615) 558-5301. 

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