The leading cause of storm damage is thunderstorms. Fall is a prevalent time for thunderstorms. Fall is even considered storm season. Do you know how to prepare for a storm? At ServiceMaster Restoration by David, we would like you to know about storm safety to help you be prepared for damage caused by storms. 

Even though hurricanes and tornadoes devastate communities and make the news, thunderstorms are more frequent and often more destructive. Unfortunately, these everyday events are responsible for more than half of all storm damage to properties in the United States and ranks higher than the extreme damage caused by fires usually ignited by lightning strikes. Thunderstorms can also produce an extreme amount of rain quickly and flash floods which can result in water damage to a home or business structure.  

Destruction from Thunderstorms 

While thunderstorms are frequent, the destruction depends on the storm and how severe the conditions get each season in Tennessee. In Nashville, Tennessee, you can see the following damage from a thunderstorm: 

  • A colossal rain event can produce hail. A thunderstorm can produce hail as big as a softball and fall at a significant speed. The hail can then easily smash holes in roofing and windows. With any hole in a structure, water will damage the inside of a building or home. 
  • Lightning from thunderstorms can cause fires or bring trees crashing down into homes. Fire damage from lighting strikes can be devastating to a home as well as massive damage that can be caused from a tree or a large limb falling into a home.  
  • Floodingor Flash Flooding is also hazardous during a thunderstorm. Flash floods fill properties, and rain saturates the ground with nowhere to escape. Many times, sewer systems back up and cannot keep up with enormous amounts of damaging rainwater. If the water has no place to go, homes can flood with storm water. After a thunderstorm, standing water will destroy the items in and around a property. Standing water can be filled with sewage and can cause rapid mold growth and bacteria.  

At ServiceMaster Restoration by David, our disaster relief experts have seen the devastation caused by simple thunderstorms that left a path of wind, hail, or water damage. Our team of professional restoration experts are people you can trust when you need professional storm damage clean-up service. We never wish for storms that cause damage, however when they happen call us first. We have the equipment and expertise to get your property restored quickly and efficiently. ServiceMaster Restoration by David serves the greater Nashville area.  

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