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Water Damage from Toilet Overflowing

ServiceMaster Restoration by David

The indoor toilet is probably the greatest invention of the century.  If it overflows though, get ready for a giant headache.  Picture this:  You’ve returned home from a lovely vacation to find your house-sitter flushed paper towels down your toilet. Now you have a foot of water on your bathroom floor.  Or perhaps, your sweet little toddler thought her doll needed a “bath” in the toilet and it clogged, flooding the entire downstairs level of your home.  In the worst-case scenario, your septic tank backed up and contaminated sewage water is all over your house.  No amount of bleach and towels will properly clean and dry your home.  When disaster strikes, you need professional help from ServiceMaster Restoration by David.  Once the restoration team arrives, they will work in three stages: 

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