Water Damage from Toilet Overflowing

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The indoor toilet is probably the greatest invention of the century.  If it overflows though, get ready for a giant headache.  Picture this:  You’ve returned home from a lovely vacation to find your house-sitter flushed paper towels down your toilet. Now you have a foot of water on your bathroom floor.  Or perhaps, your sweet little toddler thought her doll needed a “bath” in the toilet and it clogged, flooding the entire downstairs level of your home.  In the worst-case scenario, your septic tank backed up and contaminated sewage water is all over your house.  No amount of bleach and towels will properly clean and dry your home.  When disaster strikes, you need professional help from ServiceMaster Restoration by David.  Once the restoration team arrives, they will work in three stages: 

  • Assess the damage – Water damage can be devastating to your home or business. It must be assessed quickly because water will rot the wood and drywall. Your restoration professional will assess the damage first and then began working on a solution. 
  • Mitigation- During this stage, your restoration professional comes up with a solution for remediation and restoring the property, by noting the proper commercial equipment and tools needed to get the job done.   
  • Restoration – This is the stage where the job gets done.  Your restoration professional will use commercial dehumidification and drying equipment, as well as professional shop vacs for removing water. The restoration team will then get your property back to its original stature.  

 If you do not properly dry the area, you could end up with toxic mold growth.  Mold wreaks havoc on your respiratory system so it’s very important all water is removed and dried professionally. ServiceMaster Restoration by David will solve the issues and get your home or business back up and running as soon as possible.  

No matter the emergency, when disaster strikes it’s time to call in ServiceMaster Restoration by David. Whether you are needing clean-up from water, fire, or crime scene damage, they will get the property restored.   ServiceMaster Restoration by David has the equipment, experience and expertise to restore your home or business and help give you peace of mind.  They will work with your insurance provider to get the job done.  No job is too big or too small and they will come to you 24/7 365 days a year.  Call them as soon as you see a problem at (615) 754-8536.   

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